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When political power means moral weakness

This weekend an Algerian was sent back from Guantanamo to Algeria. For 20 years he was imprisoned without a court order or judgement in any court of this world. He was one of around 800 prisoners in Guantanamo on the island of Cuba. A few years back two of the Guantanamo prisoners were forced onto Ghana and former President John Dramani Mahama gladly welcomed them based on political pressure and financial compensation for two years.

Now 37 prisoners are still inmates of a prison that once was established after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Presidents since George W. Bush till now have all violated their laws and constitution unpunished.

CIA, KGB, Mossad, France (Greenpeace “Rainbow Warrior”), North Korea and other foreign secret services have and still take to the means of assassinations internally and externally to please political ambitious goals. They are of the fake belief that once a human is killed the idea the person carried dies with the victim.

For the e.g. United States is convinced to defend American Values by taking other nations to war like in Vietnam, Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Kuwait among others. It must be remembered that no ” American Value” originates from the American territory. Democracy, Free Market, Free Entrepreneurship, Rule of Law, Equal Rights, Equality, Human Rights etc. originated from Europe imported into the United States by the European settlers.

China raised through the ranks from dark days, the influence of the British Empire during the Boxer uprising, Communist times and the new idea of market entrepreneurship under the control of one political party to its current position. The country is internationally criticised for its human rights violations.

Russia is still struggling with several different leaders as Presidents to find its significant place in world history and be relevant over others.

As much as China and Russia in their core values are insecure nations that try their utmost to make the world not discover their inner weakness on moral grounds the ancestors of the first European settlers in the USA are singing the songs of European values in the dressing room of the United States overshadowing their inner moral emptiness and failed moral creativity. The development from a country in the shadow to climbing up to the topmost often comes at the price to lose moral values or the inability to create no vital ones. This results in the implantation of Empires and Superpowers. Empires and Superpowers get destroyed by internal factors, not by outside attacks.

Which country will demonstrate true moral values of the future to turn humanity into greatness?

By : Karl-Heinz Heerde


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