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The sordid SSNIT affair- Ghana has crossed a red line.

Public Agenda has already raised the issue of corruption in several of our publications. We have noted the debilitating efforts of corruption on our national development and psyche as a people. Other media houses have done the same.

In recent days, the country has been regaled with tales of missing monies from all angles. An article on Ghana web alleges that 2m USD is “missing” from the Economic and Organised crimes Office (EOCO); in Births and Deaths, 224,000 GHC has been siphoned off into private pockets; The National Sports Authority cannot account for 1,006,644.73 GHC. We could go on and on. Not long ago, the highest office holder in CHRAJ spent resources cocooned in a hotel, similar stories are also emerging from the current hullabaloo in the Electoral Commission of Ghana. When the SSNIT story is added to the mix, it gets even more murkier.

The SSNIT affair in particular is a slap in the face of Ghanaian workers and those who thought of this flagship national project. Sad indeed. The sordid SSNIT affair is particularly sad because of the stories about how difficult it is for retired and pensioners workers to gain access to their retirement funds.

Sad for the present generation, sad for the future generation, and sad for our founding fathers. Where is our pride and dignity as a people? It is even more disheartening to learn that one of those involved in this affair as Chair of the Board has Presidential ambitions. God help Ghana. The list of such behaviour is growing by the day. What does that say about Ghanaians as a whole?

And when questions are asked, some people run and cower behind claims of a witch hunt while counting their ill-gotten monies? Do we need to remind ourselves that some people were executed for lesser crimes? That some Ghanaians have gone to jail for stealing 200 Ghana cedis? That many children and pregnant women are dying because someone thinks it is better to divert national resources into private pockets?

In this same nation, some hospitals, including SSNIT would detain women who have given birth simply for not paying hospitals bills? In some instances, children have to wade through knee deep water to reach schools, while some when they get to school, use stones as desks? Where is the sense of dignity and pride we once held so dear?

SSNIT is the red line which we should not have crossed as a nation. Foolishly, the middle classes who claim to live in a supposed ‘middle-income country’ have decided that they will cross this line. To hell with the rest of us. To hell with the government’s attempts to create conducive conditions for investors. Which investor worth his or her sail will come and invest in a country with such weak morals when it comes to money?

How much more can we take as a country? Our gutters are choking with plastic bags and bad odour. Our children are roaming the streets unemployed and destitute selling dog chains. Our workers, farmers, soldiers, policemen, and low income workers are doing their best but dangling between hope and despair, confronted with the vicissitudes of environmental, human and economic challenges. Our mothers, sisters, and grandmothers spend endless hours trying to earn a living. Those with the responsibility of looking after our resources are playing games with our future.

No one needs to remind the corrupt middle class, that runaway corruption creates angry citizens. Frustrated by the inability of the ruling class, citizens could resort to other means to claim justice and fair play. Hungry citizens will not listen to tales of good governance.

Fortunately, the current government under President Akufo Addo has promised to end this corruption madness. It is our only hope. If his effort at stemming the rising tide of corruption fails, Ghana is headed for serious trouble. So let us as citizens support the President’s efforts.

As for those screaming witch hunts, they belong to that small cabal of corrupt, indecent, immoral and conscienceless small-minded elite and their minions who are dragging this country down a dangerous path to doom. It is not too late to save Ghana from the runaway train called corruption.

A word to the wise is enough.


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