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The Return of Public Agenda

Today, June 5, 2017 is a landmark in the history of Public Agenda
as the paper makes a comeback to newsstands. Since it was founded in 1995, Public Agenda has contributed immeasurably to
the development journalism and human rights advocacy and in building
a democratic society. It remains a forced to be reckoned with. In the past
few years, its place in newsstands has been sporadic, but all the same it
has continued with its landmark journalism. In spite of all the
vicissitudes the dedicated staff of Public Agenda have remained
steadfast, dedicated and committed to the goals of the paper and the
It is this spirit that is driving the new Public Agenda. In the past few
months, a new Board of Directors has been reconstituted to take over and
reshape Public Agenda, and bring it back to its glory years when it was
regular, punchy, and served the interest of disadvantaged communities.
This is crucial in view of the current state of democratic governance in
the country.
Public Agenda will be guided by three core things: commitment to
Ghana, commitment to providing news and news analysis, and
commitment to the truth. It will be guided by the truth, it will remain
fearless in its analysis of news, and will continue to advocate for the
rights of all Ghanaians, both rich and poor. However, it will be partisan
on the side of truth and justice, and faithful to the ideals of our founding
In this spirit, we welcome ideas and stories that will promote
sustainable development, protect the rights of the poor and quality
journalism. We are welcome to corrections of the facts and open to any
suggestion that seeks to push Ghana and Africa forward. Letters are
welcome. It is in this spirit that we welcome ourselves back to where we
Are we safe from Vigilantes?
In one week, the life of a promising Army Officer is ended in the
most brutal barbaric fashion. In the same week, a Policeman is gunned
down by his own colleagues ostensibly because they though he was part
of an armed robbery gang. In the same week, a marauding mob in
Somanya attacks the offices of the Ghana Electricity Corporation (GEC)
for poor services, and proceeds to destroy property belong to the Stateowned
The news of the lynching of Captain Maxwell Mahama of the 5th
Battalion of Infantry by some youth should be a major national source of
concern. It shows that vigilantism is gripping the country. As articles in
this edition of Public Agenda shows, the country is caught in a web of
Vigilantism and political gangsterism for the most absurd reasons. We
seem to tolerate bad behaviour in party colours, where so-called leaders
(in the case of Captain Mahama, the mob was led by an Assemblyman)
can lead youths to lynch someone on suspicion that he or she is an
‘armed robber’. Why do we have the Police Service?
This is a country with a Ministry of Interior, a National Police
Force, a National Security Coordinator and a host of security outfits, yet
we allow unruly mobs to roam round the country causing mayhem. It is
time for a sustained campaign against VIGILANTISM and political
gangs. The circumstances of the death of young and handsome Captain
Mahama should be a wake up call for self-reflection.

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