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Let us build this nation

Is Ghana on the right trajectory? Are all these partisan arguments and insults necessary? Is it possible for a government to take an initiative without someone seeing partisanship?

Yet, we are proud when others call us ‘nice people’. How come that niceness is not reflected in our politics at home? If we are proud to be called a Middle-Income Country, should that not be reflected in our democratic and social system? A MIC should have certain irreducible global standards. One of such is the nation’s’ ability to look after its own. If nation builds a system where the middle class has all the comforts of life, while the poor mass up at the fringes picking up crumbs from the table of the well to do, then there is something wrong with that system. Life in Ghana today is more than a burden to citizens. Yet sections of the middle class – main beneficiaries of an unjust socio-economic system behave like proverbial ostriches.

We have an elite that is hopelessly divided on all issues of national interests. We need leaders who will put personal interests above partisan interests. Leaders who will see nation rather than political parties. Leaders who will help overcome all the vicissitudes which lour current youth face.

Yet, we are build a political system which is dangerously polluted. A system in which truth is sacrificed on the altar of deliberate falsehood manufactured by political goons, and party allegiance have taken over allegiance to the Republic. In this environment, no one is judged safe. Principles have been thrown to the wind.

If we continue along this path, no one can predict the future, but lessons in our own history has a lot to teach us. History teaches that citizens tend to rebel when they are fed up with being take for a ride.

Leaders, both political and civic, should build a country that all Ghanaians are proud of. Leaders should be bound by the needs of a greater Ghana and its citizens.

Political parties and democratic institutions should focus on consolidating democratic gains and processes in which no Ghanaian feels marginalised or excluded from the political process or the economic gains made as a country.

That means we support all social intervention programmes which brings relief to the poor, answers to the needs of the poor and show a modicum of respect to all citizens. We have only one Ghana. Let us leave out the side issues and build this nation.




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