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SADA boss-Charles Abugre
SADA boss-Charles Abugre

Development issues must be non-partisan–SADA CEO

Ghana’s quest to develop at a faster rate can be given a boost if issues of national development are approached collectively and in a non- partisan manner, the Chief Executive Officer of the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA), Mr Charles Akalyira Abugre has noted.

Mr Abugre said it is important for Ghanaians and politicians in particular to maintain consensus across parties when discussing issues of National development.

“We  should  ensure that  we maintain a non- partisan focus on the  issues  of  national development  and  we must  all make an effort to think and work across  the political divide for a common position on the  development of  this country and  northern  Ghana,”Mr  Abugre advised.

The SADA CEO made the submission recently when his outfit met the Northern caucus of Parliament to deliberate the Northern Development Authority Bill.

Mr  Abugre told the caucus since a new management was appointed to run the affairs of  SADA, it remained a  priority to maintain a non partisan focus  of  the institution and  hopes to build  it in whatever name it comes with.

He stated, “We will build an institution that surpasses political tenure. We will build an institution that will have the capacity to be an advocate of the north. We will build an  institution that will  provide  guidance  for   public  investment and  as  a  magnet for private investment.”

He continued, “We  will build  an  institution  that  will be  respected across all  polical parties   and also internationally .we  will build  and institution  that all  political parties respect so  that  as  all of  us move  on, we will maintain a voice.”

Mr Abugre  acknowledged  former President John  Dramani  Mahama  for the allocating of  the  current SADA  office  in Accra  which according to him was  renovated with support from some  development partners.

“This building use to house four different organizations, but one thing we are thankful for President Mahama is that he allocated this building to SADA. With the support of Development partners and others, we have renovated it.We must keep building on it so that that development agenda is not forgotten.”

Mr Abugre informed the group that since the reconstitution of the management, “we have tried to achieve the first object of the law which is to provide planning guidance in a manner those points to a radical and rapid development of northern Ghana and we have done these at several levels.”

Speaking on the Bill, he pointed out   that the bill is quite similar to the law but one thing that is not too clear is the financial mechanism and some minor issues of boundaries.

Over all, he explained that the objects  of  the bill, the functions, the  focus  are the  same. He said  the  thrust of  the law  in Act 804  remains  largely  in the bill  thus  he  thinks  it  is a  good  omen  in  making.

He  advised the  parliamentarians  to debate  the  bill passionately and   devoid  of  political leanings to ensure  that provisions  in the bill will inure to   the benefit  of  the People .

The Parliamentarians  assured  they would  thoroughly examine the  bill and  make  the necessary input to  ensure that  it would  be  robust  enough  to stand  the test  of  time when  passed.


By Mohammed Suleman



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