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Dr Kofi Amoah

Youth is significant to any country’s development – Dr. Kofi Amoah

Dr. Kofi Amoah, a celebrated Ghanaian businessman has underscored the importance of ‘well-groomed’ youth to the development of the country.

According to the Citizen Kofi CEO, the success or otherwise of a nation hinges largely on how it takes care of its youth.

In this regard, Dr Kofi Amoah has advised the formulation and implementation of policies that seek to equip the Ghanaian youth with skills and knowledge.

He noted that, after independence, there were conscious efforts by the leadership of the country to train the Ghanaian youth, however, along the line the nation veered off that path.

He laments that successive coups that the nation experienced dealt the country a huge blow and made it unattractive to the youth.

“I’m very passionate about the youth of Ghana and Africa because I believe that if we lose them then we’ve lost our future. If their focus, determination and connection to the country and continent is not solid enough then we have a problem” he said on the KSM show.

“We have been witnessing African youth crossing the Sahara to leave the continent, that means they’ve lost hope and they don’t see any future for them. I think the marker that was set for us that you are going to be future leaders of the country and we believed that. They gave us good teachers, we had libraries. We were the groomed generation to come and take over the baton and move on. The youth is always significant to any nation’s survival”, he iterated.

Dr Kofi Amoah espoused that it is a responsibility of the older generation to serve as role models, motivators and inspirers for the youth.

He insisted that with the right guidance, education and mentorship, the Ghanaian youth will turn out good and serve the country.

“Every human being regardless of whatever station of life they are, have a certain ambition or inkling or desire to be somebody. All that they need is to trigger that, spike it and motivate them. You also need to help them to think through properly what is it that they want to do and to get that system that will help them get there”, he said.

Dr Kofi Amoah is a renowned Ghanaian who aside from his success as a private businessman, has played diverse roles in the public space.

He served as an advisor to the Kufuor government and is credited with helping Ghana host of the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations.

When Ghana football went on its knees, Kofi Amoah was one of the distinguished persons the nation called on to steer the industry through the storm.

Lately, the accomplished businessman has dedicated his time to offering quintessential tips and life lessons on his social media.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


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