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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Western Togoland attacks: I believe Institutions will work – Akufo-Addo assures

The President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has revealed why he is unwavering about the uprising in the Volta Region stating that he believes there are institutions to deal with the issue.

According to him, if he panics, the country will also do the same, hence the need to be calm about the issues to allow for the institutions available to work.

“I have to be calm because institutions are in place. The security agencies are doing their work. They’ve started already and we’ll see results. If I panic, the country panics. It’s like the COVID-19 disease, if I had panicked, fear would have gripped all of us,” Nana Addo stated.

He added: “But I know the work that God has appointed me to do, if I panic, the entire nation will also panic. That is not the purpose of leadership. I’m supposed to assure people that our country will work. What is happening in the Volta Region in the time of these handfuls – it’s just a handful of people, these secessionists – we’ll deal with it.

“I have no doubts about it. I trust the security agencies. I trust the Armed Forces. I trust the Police. I trust their leadership. The intelligence agencies, I know they are all working very, very, very hard to make sure that this matter is dealt with as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, the Vice President of Ghana has said the government is not willing to negotiate with the secessionists who he describes as criminals.

“Negotiate with who, these criminals… on what basis? It doesn’t make sense. If so then we’ll be open to many things, tomorrow you’ll go somewhere and some group will get up and say the northern territory has to also be somewhere else. What we need is intelligence and we’ll try to deal with this,” Dr Bawumia said on Accra-based Asempa FM.

However, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama has expressed shock over how the government is handling the situation, describing it as lukewarm.

“It looks like the whole government is not serious about this, the President is not serious about it. No senior person has gone to the area since this thing happened. The Minister of National Security, when this thing was very topical…, he should have gone to the area to boost the morale of the security services there, instead, he was in Kumasi with the President commissioning a compost plant,” Mahama said on his Bono Region campaign.

He added: “What does the Minister of National Security have to be in Kumasi with the President for? On a compost plant, instead of going where people are trying to cede part of your territory.”

“There is nothing more serious than trying to break up parts of a country. And as I’m saying they are not taking this seriously.”

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