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Transgressions of the black race

This article clearly identifies the concept behind the calligraphy as obtained in the flow of black historical backwardness and lack of vision, the reasons why the black race lags behind other races on the globe.

It brings to the fore, the reasons for racism, disregard and scorn against blacks by other races that portray us as underdogs in the face of humanity.

This critique states clearly the greedy, egocentric/inward-looking attitude of black behaviour making us individualistic in our approach to life, characteristics that retard black progress.

It also emphasises the five major principles killing African societies that are itemised as illiteracy, ignorance, malnutrition, poverty and disease, the reasons why the African continent remains stagnant.

To emphasise the greedy, selfish and distinctive nature of the black race, it has become evident that blacks were the only race in modern history to have merchandised their kindred into slavery during the Arab/Trans-Atlantic slave trades centuries ago.

In other words, blacks on their own volition collaborated with foreign slave traders to auction their fellow beings.

This, again transmogrified into modern-day voluntary slavery, precipitated by the rampant human trafficking within Africa as blacks ship fellow blacks, seeking greener pastures, dangerously across the Saharan desert and the Mediterranean Sea to Europe for avaricious remuneration.

More disgustingly, some are peddled to the Arab world who are made to suffer degradation, humiliation and ultimate death in the hands of Arab benefactors.


 Many black innocent children are vended into vassalage within the continent for subsidy and expiation.

This attitude has permeated through all aspects of black life, including religion as blacks sell their spiritual consciousness to foreign beliefs for restitution. This is the main reason why blacks remain insensitive having been besmeared with gluttony and egotism.

 It is obvious that African countries that lingered independence under the colonial rule are more developed than those who hurried the attainment under black leadership.

That South Africa was the key reason why Pick Botha of apartheid fame in the 1980s, referred the blacks in South Africa to the suffering of their northern neighbours, the reason why power should not be relinquished to them that ultimately deferred their freedom.

It was safer for blacks from other parts of Africa to visit South Africa during the apartheid regime than presently when fellow blacks are in the driving seat with the presence of xenophobic ploys leading to mutilations after the indelible input of fellow Africans to liberate them.

The first black President of South Africa, Mr Nelson Mandela, was in a dungeon for a whole 27 years during the struggle for majority rule but appeared healthy and well-kept after his release from prison.

The situation in Sub-Saharan Africa after independence remains bleak as those jailed for similar offence by fellow black leaders hardly survived; a case in point was that of Dr J. B Danquah of Ghana and other numerous political detainees in Africa.

Keeping black political prisoners in jail in Africa for 27 years is like facing the firing squad.


Since self-rule in Africa some six decades ago, the number of fellow Africans who lost their lives fighting inequality or arguing from the opposing side of the political divide have arisen thousand-fold more than the number exterminated by the colonialists during their occupation that spread over two centuries.

In some extreme cases, opposition members were crushed to death in thousands buried in mass graves because they wanted change and equality.

Multitudes lose their lives during democratic elections in Africa through ethnic-based political hubbubs and vigilantism more than all calamities put ensemble owing to ambitious power struggle.

Due to grave mischievousness and malevolence among black Africans, Africa has turned into desperation, want and mendicant.

Africans continue to blame their woes on the past under colonialism forgetting their future is as drabber due to slipup and greed by their own leaders.

Apparently, despotism in Africa rose to the peak after independence, as those who fought to liberate Africa from colonial oppression grew more tyrannical as they routinely refuse to desert their posts by embarking on unpleasant policies enabling them hook to power endlessly as if they were the only destined leaders Africa could produce.

The behaviours of most African leaders after independence desecrate human freedom and betrayal of their citizens fashioning in black weathered apartheid on the continent.

We create political volatility and call on our colonial masters we rejected to help resolve.

Black violence

Black violence on black is a common phenomenon concomitant with miscreant behaviours. Black predilection for filth and noise remain a nuisance and unparalleled as noise/filth could be heard/seen liberally everywhere blacks are mostly located in the world.

These unsavoury behaviours among blacks shorten our life expectancy, the least in the world with leadership endorsement.
Unfortunately, blacks found in the temperate zones transmitted through slavery for centuries inadvertently indulge in similar adverse behavioural traits embedded in their DNA.

Blacks are quickest to embrace negative propounds and slowest to grip good incidences.

According to Dr Kwegyir Aggrey, “many of my people (referring to blacks) imitate the weakness of the white people, but not their greatness.

They won’t imitate a white man working hard’. Blacks’ love for negativity and destructiveness are historical and are quickest to innovate wrongfully.

The question of black intelligence has come into opprobrium as a race whose names have been changed, whose religions have been destroyed, whose languages and dressing have been substituted, whose cultures/traditions have been adulterated, and whose subservience/respect for other races is apparent, cannot be deemed as an intelligent species.

As said by Malcolm X, ‘if you want to hide something from a black, put it in a book’. Knowledge is hidden in books, therefore, its avoidance escapes blacks’ discovery of knowledge.

Blacks seem to be too frolicsome with life leading to misguidedness. Ghana remains the only hope to liberate blacks and if Ghana fails, blacks fail.


Source: Dr Albert O. A. Tsolu

[email protected]

The writer is an Ethnomusicologist 


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