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Stakeholders bemoan limited awareness on climate change issues

Kasa Initiative Ghana, a non – governmental organization has held a stakeholder meeting to discuss progress associated with climate change which is a key feature under the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) 13.

The meeting was held recently in Accra on the theme: CSO’s Role in Climate Change Programmes in Ghana.

Addressing participants, a senior programmes officer at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Dr. Daniel Benefo said government has taken steps through the National Determined Contributions (NDCs) to tackle climate change. “There are tremendous investments being made in the NDCs to ensure that the SDG’s 13 are achieved.

Climate change, he said, is a phenomenon that affects every human activity, but attracts very limited sensitization among Ghanaians.

 Mr. Jonathan Gokah, Coordinator for the Kasa Initiative told participants that climate change is a development issue, hence there is the need for everyone to stand up and support measures that would help reduce climate impact.

 He added, “I know the awareness is poor and even the linkage with the media on climate change is very limited. Climate change actions require a concerted effort for which CSO’s initiatives are needed to complement government interventions both at the national and district levels.”

Care International Ghana and Kasa Initiative Ghana have an initiative to address low capacities of CSOs for effective engagement related to the Green climate fund which has been implemented in Ghana across 89 districts.

This project is intended to equip CSOs to effectively influence Green Climate Fund (GCF) process in Ghana. The project approach includes CSOs capacity strengthening, creating space for engagement, and networking for joint – advocacy.

The initiative has yielded various lessons; first, leveraging on existing CSOs platforms has created trust with key stakeholders required for effective GCF implementation in Ghana.

Collaboration with private sector actors has led to innovative enterprise-based solutions to climate change and finally taking advantage of the SDG implementation framework and government’s commitment to engagement has enabled CSOs to benefit from the space to increase dialogue on the GCF.

By: Latifa Carlos


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