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Role of Oats porridge in maintaining shiny hair

Shinning, soft beautiful hair doesn’t tangle: we all love to have it, but everyone is blessed with a different hair.

Luckily, things are quite that simple. The most important fact to remember is that, before beauty, comes health. So a beautiful hair has to be a healthy one. And keeping it healthy depends on more than just washing it.

For a start, your hair needs regular nourishment – Vitamin B5 in particular. Oats porridge contains Vitamin B5. That is why a daily bowl of oats can really help to make your hair shiny.  What if you don’t like oats porridge?  What if you don’t have breakfast due to lateness to work?!

There is another way to nourish your hair regularly, which has no bearing at all on what you eat. Hair Treatment Shampoo and Conditioners which contains Vitamin B5 complex, Pantyl B. Vitamin B5 complex nourishes hair by penetrating all the way to the very trip.

Every hair has three layers; the outer one called the cuticle, which is made of overlapping cells arranged like scales. Their function is to protect the inner layer from damage or moisture loss.

When your hair is healthy, the cuticle is smooth and flat. That is why it looks shinny and feels silky-soft. It is when the cuticle scales get broken or raised that the problem begins and your hair looks dull and rough. It tangles too easily and it crackles the moment you start brushing it. You would be surprise how easy it damages hair cuticle.

Styling and blow-dying can both be harmful but believe it not so can combing. So even if you eat all the right foods and are a complete goody-goody, simply combing your hair can end up making it look worse.

What to do? Try using Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner or all-in-one, every day.  Within a short time, you see the difference.

Regular use of these Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner will keep your hair looking shinier and   softer. Or to put it another way, it will look healthier.


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