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Religion should no longer be a barrier to African unity – Freedom Movement

Freedom Movement has made efforts to forge stronger bridges between Christians and Muslims in Ghana in the spirit of the just-ended Holy Eid celebration.

The organisation is also challenging other countries in Africa to do the same, as they continue on a mission of African advancement and unity.

Last week, founder of The Freedom Movement Nana Kwame Bediako also known as Freedom Jacob Caesar met with the National Chief Imam Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu for his blessings to aid the group’s efforts to unify African followers of the world’s two largest religions. The Freedom Movement also pledged to improve the lives and opportunities for all young Ghanaians including Muslim youth.

Following Freedom’s meeting with the Chief Imam, he was joined by musicians VIP in distributing food, water and supplies to over 500 needy families in Nima as a token to celebrate the bridging of relations between Christians and Muslims.

“Although Christians and Muslims in Ghana have good relations, the Muslims in our country are more disenfranchised in the slums and in the North of the country. My vision is to see improved livelihoods for all Ghanaians and ultimately all Africans irrespective of religion, a factor which must no longer divide us. I am a Christian yet I met with the Chief Imam and supported families in Nima because I understand that we are all one and our nation can only prosper if we all have the same access to education, jobs, healthcare, and sanitation,” said the developer Freedom Jacob Caesar.

Over the past few months, The Freedom Movement has been active with grassroots and philanthropic efforts to support the less fortunate especially during the Covid-19 pandemic with food and supplies as well as raising awareness on the mistreatment of Africans in China and advocating for an apology from the Chinese government. In Nima.

The organisation walked through the neighborhood, spoke with residents, listened to grievances, and promised support.

“It is during a crisis or natural disaster that we are reminded of the fragility of humans and how essential it is for us to display the love we have for one another. This love matters more than technology or money as we have been shown that neither have been able to cure the virus.  I love Africa and African people and envision our continent as a world leader in innovation, manufacturing and industrialization. This vision of Africa as a giant can only be attained if we economically build our countries together and are no longer distracted and divided by tribalism, religion or class,” added Freedom.

The Freedom Movement says it will be rolling out social initiatives to improve health, education and sanitation in low-income areas in Ghana and countries throughout Africa.

Source: Myjoyonline


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