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Many Pretend To Use Phone To Avoid Interactions, Study Finds

Connected devices are important these days to allow people to connect with one another.

However, for many, these devices also serve as an excuse to avoid interacting with other people when faced with an awkward social situation.

The latest survey by Moscow-based cyber security company Kaspersky Lab found this tendency after 75 per cent of respondents admitted that they pretended to be busy with their devices when they do not want to talk to other people.

“Dependency on connected devices affect our lives more than we think. Undoubtedly, being connected is convenient.

However, devices are also important to help people get through various social situations that are difficult,” said Kaspersky Lab product marketing VP Dimitry Aleshin in a statement on Friday as quoted by Antara.

Additionally, the study also suggests that 72 per cent of respondents have used connected devices when they do not know what to do in certain situations.

This behaviour also serves as a form of distraction without having to appear busy or when they are avoiding eye contact with someone. Meanwhile, up to 46 per cent of respondents said they used their devices only in their spare time and 44 per cent used it as a daily distraction.

The study also shows that almost 31 per cent of respondents prefer to book a taxi or look for directions when travelling via websites or applications because it allows them to not speak to other people.

Due to these two functions of avoiding direct contact and assisting in daily social situations, our constant dependence on connected devices causes a huge panic whenever they malfunction.


Source: nationmultimedia.com


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