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landfill site
landfill site

Mallam rubbish dump poses severe threat to humans

The current situation at the Mallam refuse dump which is at the “mouth” of the market is posing a serious health threat to both the traders and buyers at the market and it is extremely difficult for traders to ignore it.

The traders at the Mallam market are not the only victims of the stench and flies from the dump site. The residents of Sakaman and surrounding communities also have to contend with the situation daily.

The dumpsite, which is sited on a wetland, was recognized as a bird sanctuary but as years passed and the dumpsite was enlarging, these birds are hardly found there again.

It is the principal outlet through which major   tricycles channels in Sakaman and its environs. The rubbish collectors dump their refuse which has led to severe pollution on the land and disrupted its natural ecology.

In a frank exchange with Public Agenda, some of the market women revealed that the bad scent coming from the refuse site especially when it rains gives them displeasure in staying there during their normal working hours and also they suffer when there is a cholera outbreak.

The market women and their customers have to work and trade in unpleasant and unhealthy circumstances as the flies together with bad scent from the refuse site have spread throughout the entire market.

Going to Mallam market requires careful negotiation due to the pig sties and cattle farms in order not to stumble or fall into animal droppings.

Needless to say that, the conditions at the market pose real environmental and health challenges. Among the dangers include contaminated food, air and underground water which have both become polluted and choked the drainage system which leads to severe flooding anytime it rains heavily.

According to our research made, the tricycles and other trucks that offload refuse at the site pay for dumping rubbish according to their loads they bring, but however, authorities in charge for collecting the payments refused to talk.


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