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Let’s not create panic in Ghana with threats of terror attacks – Centre for Counter Extremism warns

The Executive Director for the West Africa Centre for Counter Extremism (WACCE), Mutaru Mumuni Muqthar has warned Ghana not to create fear and panic in the country with threats of terror attacks.

Although he called for extra vigilance to forestall any possible attack, he said there is the need to have a conversation about not creating panic within the system.

He explained on the New Day show on TV3 Tuesday, June 7 with host Helene Appiah-Ampofo, that there are many countries that are dealing with terror attacks however, they do not allow that to interfere with normal daily life.

“…More importantly, I think the conversation we should also be having is how not to create panic in the system. There are many countries that they are dealing with terrorism and yet it does not get in the way of their normal daily life as people and so, it is important that that part of the conversation is featured in our conversation,” he said.

Recently the Administrator of the Ola Cathedral in Tamale, Most Reverend Father Carolus Magnus described as dangerous the boastful public comments made by national security and other security services on the country’s security preparedness against a possible terror attack.

Delivering a sermon, he said the use of such boastful comments publicly could rather bring the country under attack.

He said “We have to be careful about it, if we are not handling it properly the terrorist will indeed attack us. Saying that for us, we are ready, it is a very dangerous thing to do. We say we are ready, we have our men at the borders will make them take us on.

“To say we are ready and we are prepared, what kind of thing is that? When I hear such things I am even more afraid because when you begin to talk like that the people can try you.”

Deputy National Security Coordinator, Mr Edward Kweku Aspmani, had indicated that Ghana is definitely not insulated from terror attacks.

Clearly, he said, Ghana is a target.

He explained that the terrorists have been targeting mostly resource-rich countries therefore since Ghana is endowed with natural resources, it exposes the country to the miscreants.

Addressing a press conference on the measures that have been put in place to prevent the attack’s from happening in the country, on Sunday, May 22, he said “We are not insulated from those attacks therefore, we think Ghanaians should be aware. Why are we involving Ghanaians? The nature of the threats is such that it is not conventional warfare, they don’t come in with the APCs and fighter jets. They come in all forms, it could be your pastor in the church, a cleric in the mosque, or individuals coming in as CSOs purporting to do community work.

“That means that we all have to be vigilant. Also we know that the terrorists want access to the sea, the nature of the various attacks we have all seen in the subregion indicates that wherever they go there is some form of mineral or natural resource there particularly gold.

“So the question therefore is, if they attack cities and towns in Burkina Faso that has gold deposits, clearly, Ghana will be an interest.”

“We are clearly therefore a target that is why we are here today to seek the support of Ghanaians.”

Source: 3news.com


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