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Hundreds of South Africans show solidarity for Palestinians

A cross-section of South Africans took to the streets of Johannesburg on Wednesday in support of the people of Palestine, as the deadly conflict between Israel and the militant group, Hamas, continues.

Some people said they were joining in the protest to show solidarity with Palestinians who have faced decades of oppression.

“I did more and more research and I came to the conclusion that not only have I been lied to, and spreading myself, but my religion was being used to undermine the rights of the Palestinian people,” said protester Pamela Ngubane.

Demonstrators outside the United States consulate criticised Washington’s decision to send weapons to Israel and called for the Israeli ambassador to South Africa to be expelled.

A similar protest was held in Cape Town with people calling for an end to violence.

The demonstrations were organised by pro-Palestine group BDS (Boycott, Disinvest, Sanctions) which continues to call for the boycott of Israeli products, disinvestments, and sanctions against the country.

They were held as the Jewish community in South Africa also announced plans to hold prayer sessions and solidarity events this week in support of Israel.

South Africa’s government on Sunday called for an immediate cessation of violence between Israel and Palestine.

Source africanews.


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