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President Akufo Addo
President Akufo Addo

Government gears for ‘one district, one factory’

One District One Factory project which has been one of the strongest policy in the manifesto of the ruling party NPP, is to take full effect in 2018, according to the secretarial coordinator, Madam Gifty Ohene Kunadu.

The primary objective of the government for this initiative is to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country, most especially among the youth and to widen the Ghanaian market for the private individuals.

The secretarial coordinator for the One District One Factory initiative, in an interview made mention that “we must establish quality projects for Ghana, which is why we must be strategic in our doings.”

She assured Ghanaians that, things may look as if the initiative is being delayed but work is progressing. For instance, the Ekumfi Pineapple Juice has been pending for more than five months since His Excellency Nana Addo cut the sod for commencement of the project, but Ghanaians should expect tangible results of completed project and many others within the year.

Government is going through the various stages of seeking funds and available raw materials needed for the projects.  Sources of funding include local and external banks, investors from both within and out of the country.

The Coordinator continued that, there have been hundreds of proposals brought to the office of the One District One Factory secretarial but authorities have short listed the first 51 project proposals from private individuals which are given to various selected banks in the country to be studied by their board members. Government will finance factories through the selected banks for the project.

Madam Kunadu stated that, even though most Ghanaians carry their worries as to whether or not the project will indeed come to pass and will not just be ‘political talk’, because the Akufo-Addo government has been in power for more than a year now and yet, not much has been done in that area.

Madam Kunadu said various projects will be established this year, after the approval of the various Boards of Banks in charge for the initiative.

Private individuals from both within and outside the country are permitted to bring in their proposals for the initiative, but so far every approved proposal by the secretarial are all for Ghanaians, she added.

Factories which will be established are going to be based on the will of the communities involved, availability of raw materials and the possibility of proposed factories.

Madam Gifty Kunadu explained further that, market for end products shall be for local and foreign consumption, because some products produced will only be needed in the country and others will be for both local and foreign consumption.

The One District One Factory initiative is in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the government of Ghana and the initiative secretarial.







By: Diana Nartey


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