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Ghanaians Charged To Demand Results From Public Officers

The Director of Human Rights at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Dr Isaac Annan, has urged Ghanaians to charge institutions to work.

Speaking at a two-day workshop for journalists on Ghana’s Obligations under International Human Rights Law, he stressed that institutions in Ghana are left unaccountable.

He indicated that Ghanaians don’t compel CHRAJ on issues involving their human rights.

”I’m paid with your tax but do you charge me to work?” he said.

According to him, institutions, when persuaded, will come out with policies that are measurable and pragmatic to help develop the country.

Dr Annan noted that politicians are not to be responsible for violations of human rights, stating that human rights are entitlements that are to be demanded by citizens.

Citing the United Kingdom (UK) as an example, he opined that “in UK, when you have issues, you walk to duty bearers not the government”.

The human rights expert further stated that people have been put in state institutions to implement human rights, and it is the duty of citizens to make sure they work.


Source: The Finder


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