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Ghana to mark International Day of Forest on Thursday

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Forestry Commission in collaboration with other stakeholders will join the world to celebrate the International Day of Forests on Thursday, March 21, 2024.

 The International Day of Forests, observed annually on March 21, is a global platform for raising awareness about the importance of forests and trees in sustaining life on Earth.

The Day was set aside by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, to raise awareness about the importance of forests and trees for people, wildlife and the planet. Each year, the Day focuses on a specific theme related to forest conservation and sustainable management. This year, the theme” Forest and Innovation”, aims to highlight the critical role of innovation in sustainable forest management and conservation.

Innovation in forest management encompasses a wide range of practices and technologies, from advanced monitoring systems and remote sensing technologies to sustainable forestry techniques and eco-friendly materials. These innovations enable us to better understand forest ecosystems, monitor changes over time, and implement strategies for conservation and restoration.

In recent years, the Forestry Commission has employed drones and satellite imagery for mapping, forest inventories, monitoring forest health and condition, and combating illegal logging. Innovative approaches to sustainable forest management including the Modified Taungya System (MTS); community-based forest management initiatives like the Community Resource Management Area Scheme (CREMA); private partnerships; enrichment planting; the protection of Globally Significant Biodiversity Areas (GSBAs) and the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation(REDD+) Project are some of the initiatives employed to ensure the sustainable management of forests by Forestry Commission.

Forests are essential for biodiversity conservation, climate regulation, water conservation, food security and the enhancement of people’s livelihoods worldwide. However, forests face numerous threats including illegal logging and mining, and bushfires. In the face of these challenges, innovation emerges as a powerful tool for promoting the sustainable utilisation and conservation of forests.

On the International Day of Forests, stakeholders worldwide celebrate the achievements in forest innovation and advocate for greater investment in research, technology, and sustainable practices.

The United Nations allows member countries to celebrate the Day as their peculiar circumstances allow them.

A statement issued by the Forestry Commission and signed by its Chief Executive, Mr John Allotey  said  the Ministry of Lands Natural Resources in collaboration with the Forestry Commission and their stakeholders will observe the International Day of Forests as follows:

Awareness creation and sensitisation on forest and wildlife conservation in basic schools nationwide.Quiz competition among Lamashegu Block “A” Primary; Sakasaka Basic School, Savannah International School and Tamale International School, Tamale.

Commemorative tree planting exercise.Debate competition between Tamale and Ghana National Senior High Schools,Tamale. Exhibitions. Press Tour of the Commission’s nurseries and planted sites as part of preparations towards the 2024 Edition of Green Ghana Day.

Additionally, there will be awareness creation and sensitization programs and media interactions across the country, highlighting the importance of reforestation and afforestation in combating climate change and restoring degraded forest landscapes to commemorate the Day. All these activities aim to raise awareness about the importance of forests and wildlife in promoting innovative solutions for their protection. The statement concluded that the Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources and the Forestry Commission is inviting the general public to join them to celebrate the International Day of Forests to recognise the vital role of forests in sustaining life on earth.

Source: Forestry Commission/Publicagenda.news


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