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Ghana power outages: COPEC calls for transparency on financial challenges

The Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPEC), Duncan Amoah, has called on the government to be transparent regarding the underlying financial challenges in the power sector.

His comments come at the back of an admission from GRIDCo that the blackout in some parts of the country on Sunday, March 3, 2024, was due to faulty equipment at its Mallam substation.

Contrary to the official explanation citing technical issues, COPEC asserts that the root cause of the prolonged power cuts is financial in nature. The organization emphasizes the need for governmental honesty in addressing the true cause of the energy crisis.

“It’s dishonest to say the power outages are machine challenges. It’s clear the issue has to do with money,” Executive Secretary Duncan Amoah told Annie Afua Ampofo on Metro TV’s NewsBeat, Monday, March 4, 2024.

“I think it’s dishonest to say the power outages are machine challenges,” he said “It’s clear the issue has to do with money. The state should be bold to tell Ghanaians the challenge is money”

Duncan Amoah underscored the necessity for boldness from the state in admitting and addressing the financial constraints affecting the energy sector.

The call for transparency and accountability in managing Ghana’s energy resources comes amidst growing frustration among citizens and businesses grappling with the repercussions of the power outages.

It’s for this reason that COPEC warns that without acknowledging and tackling the financial realities, future administrations will inherit the same challenges. The organization urges proactive measures to prevent a recurrence of the current crisis.

“The issues with the energy sector are deeper than the face-saving explanations from the authorities. If we don’t deal with it right now, the next administration will have the same issue,” the COPEC boss noted.

As Ghanaian authorities navigate the complexities of the energy sector, public scrutiny remains high, hence Mr. Amoah is emphasizing the need for open dialogue and decisive action to restore stability to the nation’s power supply.


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