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Mr Ebenezer Allotey(left) and Mr John Allotey exchanging the MoU
Mr Ebenezer Allotey(left) and Mr John Allotey exchanging the MoU

Forestry Commission,VRA sign Agreement to plant Bamboo along Volta Lake

The Forestry Commission and the Volta River Authority have signed a Memorandum of Understanding intended to plant bamboo to protect the Volta Lake.

The two agencies have agreed to collaborate by pooling their resources to protect the Volta Lake which houses the Akosombo Dam with bamboo plantations for effective power generation.

The project dubbed, ‘Bamboo for the Protection of the Volta Lake is part of Government’s agenda for promoting Sustainable Development through the development and utilization of bamboo and rattan resources.

The use of the Bamboo species, according to the agencies, is to help protect the volta lake by serving as a means of demarcation of the 280ft above mean sea level, which fall under the VRA acquired lands. It is also to create a buffer zone to avoid encroachment of the VRA acquired lands, protects against erosion as well as promote socio- economic importance of bamboo for sustainable development of the riparian communities.

Addressing the media prior to the signing  in Accra on  Thursday, the  Deputy Chief  Executive  officer  of  the  Forestry Commission,  Mr John Alottey said  the  partnership  has  become necessary  due  to the fact that the catchment area of the lake, including the gorge is threat by deforestation on daily basis as a  result of  livelihood enhancement activities in this area.

Such activities, Mr Allotey said, has affected the lake adversely which sometimes manifest in the form of unsustainable generation of hydro- electricity culminating in intermittent power failures.

He said land  owners and  District Assemblies would  join  hands with the  Forestry Commission  and  the  Volta River Authority to “reforest the  lands within the VRA acquired 280  feet contour with water   tolerant plant, bamboo, and extend it to other parts of the lake in other geographical  jurisdiction in the  subsequent years.”

He explained  that the  three- phased  project  which starts in 2019,is supposed to end in 2032 and by the  time of  completion, it is intended  to among other things ensure that a 270-  hectare bamboo plantation  is   established along the banks of the lake to sustain  hydropower generation.

The Deputy CEO stated that, “the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding is necessary to set the ball rolling for the commencement of the planting Bamboo for the protection of the lake which is a natural heritage to solve power outages challenges in Ghana.

“All hands are therefore called to be assembled on deck   to make this project a success for both current generation and posterity.”

On his part the Deputy Chief Executive of VRA, Mr Ebenezer Allotey said the MOU is a significant step forward  in the  relationship  between the two agencies  in achieving their  corporate as well as national  objectives  in the  environmental protection  of  natural  resources  in Ghana.

He   said the collaboration with the Forestry Commission has raised the need to strengthen  the joint   initiative not only  in the  Forest  reserves but non  forest  area as well as Volta lake  basin  in Ghana.

He  was hopeful  that the collaboration would open doors for agencies to provide relevant financial  and  material  support to the VRA and  the Forestry Commission in the  protection of  the volta lake which serves as  source of  water for  power generation  for three major hydropower  station at Akosombo, Akuse and Bui with a  total installed capacity  of 1580 MW representing about 36 percent  of total installed capacity in Ghana till date.

In a separate event, the Commission also signed a tripartite agreement between it, the Owirenkyiman   traditional Council and Praxis Africa to among other thing plant to plant and nurture about 48,000 medicinal tree species in the traditional area and to help protect the environment.


By Mohammed Suleman


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