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Mr kwadwo Owusu Afriyie(left) and Mr Liu Zhirong(right)
Mr kwadwo Owusu Afriyie(left) and Mr Liu Zhirong(right)

Forestry Commission, CEIEC sign deal to increase forest sector revenue

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Ghana’s Forestry Commission and the China National Electronic Import and Export Corporation (CEIEC) meant to lead Chinese companies to corporate with the Ghanaian government to construct a China- Ghana Forestry Economic and Trade Corporation park.

The move aims at building an internationally advanced industrial cluster and bringing out strong   industrial agglomeration effect to promote trade upgrading, improve the industrial chain, expand timber transactions, boost Ghana’s competiveness in the timber industry as well as achieve a new tax growth point.

Addressing Journalists at the signing ceremony in Accra on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Forestry Commission, Mr Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, acknowledged the cordial diplomatic relationship between Ghana and China.

Mr Afriyie explained that  the “MoU is to establish the Ghana- China  Forestry  Economic and  Trade Cooperation  Park joint Bureau  to achieve sustainable  revenue through  using forestry   resources scientifically, to increase tax revenue of  the FC  and  government of Ghana  and  to further realise the  industrial upgrading  of  Ghana  and construction of  other livelihood facilities.”

According to  him, the  Bureau would  be  set up  by the Forestry Commission and  the CEIEC to ensure effective implementation of  the Park and be responsible  for the planning and design of  the  Park,  introduce investment in the park, find  cooperative  partners, management and  operations  of  the park.

The  main  component of  the  park, the CEO  said  include  forest cultivation   and  logging,  industry  Wood Processing  and  manufacturing industry.  Import and export trade industry and live service industry.

“The Park envisions achieving sustainable profit through using Forestry resources scientifically to develop various bankable business portfolios in the Park and to facilitate the protection of activities which do not endanger the water resources forestry and wildlife resources and other aspects of the environment.”

He told journalists that funding of the Park activities would be sourced from investment entities led by the Bureau and it is estimated to cost $ 3.5 billion.

He added, “on the whole, the objective of the project are well situated within the 2012 Forest and Wildlife Policy of Ghana. They also have the potential to inject further impetus into the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the Country.

Mr Afriyie entreated all parties involved in the implementation of the Project “to give it the much- needed  priority attention for the ultimate mutual benefit of our two countries.”

On his  part, the Vice President of CEIEC, Mr  Liu Zhirong touted the  long  standing  friendly  relationship  between the CEIEC  and  the  Forestry Commission, while expressing his outfit’s appreciation for the Commission’s  efforts  to make the  deal a  reality.

Mr  Liu indicated that during  the process  of Cooperation, “we admired  the  specialty   and  dedication  of  the  Forestry Commission  deeply  and we  are also inspire by their social, responsibility, that making the best effort to protect both  environment  and  resources, while contributing to national economic  development  by  promoting reasonable and sustainable forestry development.

He said after a thorough investigation of Chinese model of forestry economy, both parties made a common decision to deepen their cooperation by building China – Ghana forestry economic and trade Cooperation Park.

According to him, the Park could introduce  relevant   Forestry investment,  experience  technologies  to Ghana  and guide  professional companies to collaborate with   Ghana  government to  build a   comprehensive  international forestry   economic  and  trade cooperation park considering  both actual situation  of  Ghana’s  forestry  resources  and  the demands  of  international   timber  and related fields.

He maintained that “China and Ghana have a long history of deep friendship, we are deeply convinced  that the signing of MoU  today will undoubtedly promote further communication in forestry development between the two countries  which accelerate Ghana’s development in  environmental protection, economy and  people’s wellbeing. ”


 By Mohammed Suleman


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