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Escalating youth unemployment a threat to elections – Bagbin warns

The Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin has expressed serious concerns regarding the escalating youth unemployment in the country.

He warned that the current levels of joblessness and homelessness among the youth could lead to significant and potentially dangerous repercussions in the forthcoming elections.

In his address to Parliament on Wednesday, Bagbin emphasised the need for immediate and decisive action from the political leadership to tackle this pressing challenge.

“…The signs and signals of happenings in the country are not that of assurance and hope…I am told that people going to write their names are carrying knives, and guns just to go and write names.

“What about when we are going to vote and at the end of it all the results are announced? And somebody else has carried the day and not the other.

“The joblessness, the homelessness and the hopelessness of the youth cannot be taken lightly. We must act together and now to prevent a journey to calamity or to a journey of no return.”

“…The public does not give a dime what goes on in between the starting together and finishing together. With these, it is clear that as representatives of the people we have a significant amount of work ahead of us and I therefore urge all members to patronise the work and ensure that we make progress on these important matters,” he stated.



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