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ECG to implement new Meter Management System in October

Customers of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) will soon be able to buy pre-paid credits anywhere in the country and be credited in real-time.

This will be after a modern Meter Management System (MMS) worth US$12 million being set up by the Millenium Development Authority (MiDA) for the ECG is implemented “in the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year”.

MiDA, making this announcement in a statement, disclosed it “has received equipment for a modern Meter Management System (MMS) being set up for the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG). The delivery of the equipment is the latest phase of a Project designed to integrate ECG’s Smart Pre-paid Metering Platforms and enhance customer experience”.

The new system, according to the Authority, was “procured with funds provided by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), an agency of the United States government, under the Ghana Power Compact Program”.

About new MMS

MiDA’s statement clarifies that the MMS Project is part of all the activities being implemented under the Ghana Power Compact’s Reduction in Commercial Losses and Improvement of Revenue Collection Rates Activity.

It is made up of 17 servers in six racks, 40 Point-of-Sale devices, UPSs, laptops, printers, and other equipment, and will have full redundancy – a Primary Site and a Disaster Recovery Site – with an online real-time backup capability.

Most importantly, the system when set up completely, “will contribute significantly to improving ECG’s revenue mobilization efforts and will give customers greater flexibility in paying for electricity, as it will enable customers to buy any amount of pre-paid credit even when they have travelled outside their regions”.

Source: Peace FM


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