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Dr Mensa Otabil
Dr Mensa Otabil

Dr. Otabil Extolled For His Africa Dev’t Agenda

The Foundation for Generational Thinkers (FOGET) has lauded the Founder and Leader of the  International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr. Mensa Otabil, for his consistent and passionate effort to push forward the agenda of African emancipation.

The non-governmental and youth-oriented organisation strongly commended Dr. Otabil for his edge to propagate massages that depict how Africa should be elevated from poverty, reproach, diseases, draughts and adversity.

According to FOGET, Dr. Otabil’s messages on the pulpit have always centred on how Africa can and will rise to be responsible for its development and people without depending on external support.

“The Foundation strongly believes that it is a worthy course being championed by the Man of God to challenge the status quo of the African’s mind and of mental slavery…Dr. Otabil, who prophesied restoration of African economies, stated that one of the biggest burdens of his life was Africa, saying: ‘I was so concerned with our continent. I became African centred and Africa conscious even before I became a preacher, and have made a lot of dramatic changes in my own life to reflect that,’” FOGET said in a statement.

The Leader and Founder of ICGC has also suggested that African leaders should direct their policies toward improving agriculture and ICT because they are catalysts for development.

He argued that his fiscal predictions about the continent are achievable and attainable, only if there are strong policy directions to come about the deserved change and not necessarily depending on external support.

“The current wealth of Africa, 54 countries, is $2.2 trillion. All the gold, diamond, oil and everything we have developed is UD$2.2 trillion. Apple Company established in 1976 is wealth almost S$1 trillion ($950 billion), they have no oil, gold, diamond and bauxite. They just produce phones and laptops and watches.

“Microsoft was established in 1975 and it is wealth $570 billion. Facebook was established in 2004 and it is wealth US$500 billion and Amazon, an online shopping company established in 1994 has a wealth of $430 billion. If you put these companies together, they are wealth $2.5 trillion, wealthier than the whole of Africa put together,” Dr Otabil said.

President of FOGET, Mr. Prosper Dan Afetsi, sharing his thoughts on the just ended ‘Greater Works’ conference organised by the ICGC, said Dr. Otabil’s roadmap for Africa’s emancipation was right on point since the problem about the continent was not scarce resources but poor management and initiative.

Speaking about the conference which was well attended and had great speakers like Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Bishop Tudor Bismark and Bishop Mike Okonkwo, he said Pastor Otabil could not have said it better.

According to Mr. Afetsi, Dr. Otabil being a visionary and a generational leader, was not speaking only to the needs of Africa of today but declaring to the very foundation of the continent.

“We, therefore, commend his visionary and exemplary leadership, his commitment to the African agenda and his tenacity to hold on despite the numerous attacks and vilifications he has encountered over the years. We also urge the youth in Africa to rise and take up the mantle. Our national leaders must rise and begin to implement some of this audacious prepositions being championed by Dr. Otabil. Africa certainly is rising,” he added.

He called on African leaders to deeply consider Dr. Otabil’s proposal as a springboard to facilitate the continent’s progress and development.


Source: Myjoyonline


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