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Ban on hunting takes effect August 1st

The annual ban on hunting, capturing and destroying of wild animals otherwise known as Close Season, instituted by the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission begins on August 1st and will end on 1st December, 2019.


The yearly ban is in conformity with the wildlife conservation regulation 1971, LI 685.


A statement signed and issued by the Executive Director of the Wildlife  Division of the  Forestry Commission, explained that during this period, “it shall be illegal for anybody to hunt, capture or destroy any wild animal except  the grass cutter which can only be done under license issued by the wildlife division of the Forestry commission.”


The Commission is, thus, calling on the general public and the media in particular to help raise awareness on the importance of observing the Close Season.

Among the measures adopted by the Forestry Commission to regulate the utilisation and curbing the decline of wildlife resources in Ghana and ensuring sustainable use of the resource is the enforcement of the Close Season.







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