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Anti -Corruption training manual for school children out

A manual to assist Ghana in uprooting corruption from its tap-roots has been developed for school children across the country.

The manual, according to the authors is meant to influence the attitudes and behaviours of children to abhor corruption and corruptible practices now and later in their adult life.

The 36- paged manual was developed by the Forum for Action on Inclusion, Transparency and Harmony (FAITH) under a project Christened, ‘Inter Faith Shaping Hearts, Attitudes and Mindset to End Corruption in Ghana (I- Shame Corruption in Ghana).

The Members of the Forum include the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, Office of the National Chief Imam, The Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, the Marshallan Relief and Development Services, The Federation of Muslim and the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council.

The project seeks to among other things to push for the mainstreaming of anti-corruption subjects into the basic School curriculum of the Ghana Education Service as prescribed by the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan, (NACAP)

The manual contains four Modules; with each section focusing on a specific efforts been made and what could be done to eradicated corruption in the country. The manual touched on the establishment of integrity clubs in the various basic schools, Factors that give rise to corruption, as well as effect of corruption and the implications of corrupt acts.

It also discussed Ghana’s anti-corruption acts, the cultural dimension of corruption, institutions established to curb corruption, the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan as well as the role of parents in the fight against corruption.


The document further mentioned the role of individuals and Faith based organization in corruption fight and why children should be interested in the fight against graft.   In the concluding part of the document is an anti-corruption pledge which reads in part, “corruption is the cause of our misuse of the vast resources that you have blessed us with. We have shown greed and lack of love for our neighbour, especially the poor in society in the way we have misused these resources .We are sincerely sorry for this behavior and ask for your forgiveness and necessary guidance in our efforts to eliminate this cancer from our society.”


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