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OJ Blaq
OJ Blaq

Alcohol, ‘Wee’ Caused My Kidney Failure – OJ Blaq

Ghanaian musician Andy Alexander Nii Akrashie, known in showbiz as OJ Blaq, has revealed what contributed to his kidney ailment a few years ago.

According to the ‘Chalewote’ hit maker, alcoholism and smoking affected his health greatly.

He said that was what contributed to his kidney failure, a sickness that nearly claimed his life.

“I was not hypertensive, I was not diabetic but I’ll say it’s lifestyle. Too much alcohol, smoking, meat and all that lifestyle did not help. And what I have understood is that wherever you are weak that’s where Satan uses to attack you,” he had told Citi FM.

In an exclusive interview with Jessica Opare-Saforo on Citi FM’s ‘Traffic Avenue, the new Christian convert said he started smoking and drinking when he was at the basic school level.
According to him, he started smoking the cigarette when he was at Achimota Primary School.

In his third year at the Junior High School, he added marijuana, popularly known in Ghanaian parlance as ‘wee.’

Asked if he has turned a preacher, he said he has dedicated his time to propagating the gospel.

“I do evangelism because I want to spread the word so everywhere I go, I talk about God,” he noted.

He also stated that God had used him to convert some friends who hitherto were not ‘born again,’ into Christianity.

Few years ago, OJ Blaq was down with kidney failure but according to him, God miraculously healed him, and he has now become stronger than before.

Recounting his ordeal, OJ said he really went through pain when he was hit by the sickness.

However, later checks proved that his condition had reversed to normal; a situation which is rare among people who suffer kidney failure.

He noted that it took the divine intervention of a man of God called Prophet Gideon Danso to get him healed fully. The prophet prayed with him and later his creatinine went done drastically.

“The immune booster was helping me, it was bringing the creatinine down, but when I met Prophet Danso, my pH and creatinine went down to normal,” he said.

OJ Blaq has currently released a gospel song titled ‘His Presence’ under the Oracle of Jesus record label.


Source: Citifmonline.com


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