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Adopt innovative means to discipline your wards – Clinical Psychologist

Parents have been urged to adopt innovative measures in disciplining their wards in place of punitive forms of punishment, such as spanking.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Sandra Thompson encourages mothers to exercise discipline and not punishment right from infancy.

“Discipline must be introduced to children in their formative years to get them acquainted with it. Discipline is future-oriented which serves as a guide to good behaviour.

“For children to be well-disciplined, parents need to understand and trace the behaviour of their wards. Children must have a seat at the table when rules for wrongdoings are being set to make them feel a part of the process”, she stated.

She was speaking at a ‘Mother’s Day Special event” organised by Karen Halm for the Kpone community women and children as part of the celebration of mothers.

Madam Halm is an architect, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Spektra Global, an Architectural and Design-Build firm.

Dr Thompson urged parents to be more patient with their children and identify subtle ways of disciplining their children.

She recommended measures such as brief time-out from watching TV or playing, withdrawal of rewards given earlier as a result of good conduct or execution of chores, gifts, etc.

Parents were also advised to desist from transferring their anger to their wards by hitting them at the slightest offence.

The Clinical Psychologist encouraged parents to resort to rewards and praises when chores are executed, good grades or good behaviour conduct. This she said, boosts the confidence of the children and helps them grow to build a violent free society.

Amos Kevin-Annan, a Pro-Family Advocate speaking at the event also encouraged mothers to adapt both customary and contemporary forms of discipline when disciplining their children.

“Children are unique. Not all rules work for all children. Rules set must be tailored to suit the unique abilities of your children”, he stated.

Mr Kevin-Annan again urged mothers to explain rules and all instructions given to their children for effective adherence.

Joyce Kusi, an educational consultant, asked mothers to reason with their children when making decisions that involved them.

“Your children are not simple, they are fearfully and wonderfully made, reason with them, study them, bond with them and do not kill their initiatives”, she explained.

Convener of the event, Karen Halm, stated that there was a need to provide reinforcement for parents.

“Children are blessings given to us from God hence, parents especially mothers, need all the psychological, emotional and physical support, we can get to help bring up our children who are the leaders of tomorrow,” she stated.

A mother at the event said she has benefited from the discussions describing it as insightful, encouraging and motivating.

She said going forward, she will consider other forms of disciplining children and desist from spanking them which is her usual mode of punishment.


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