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Heed to the call of our Peasants farmers

Agriculture is undoubtedly the mainstay of Ghana’s economy thus it will not be wrong for any individual or organizations to demand increment in budgetary allocation for this all-important sector.

Increased budgetary allocation has persisted as one of the prime agents in agriculture development, especially in rural settings as it serves as incentive for small holder Farmers.

It is  for  this reason  that Public Agenda   is supporting the submission made  to by  the Peasant  Farmers Association  of  Ghana  to the Ministry of Finance requesting   the Government to  increase allocation in the 2018 budget to cater for  sustainable agriculture, food security, nutrition as well as post –harvest losses.

The Peasant Farmers Association’s proposal is in response to the  call by the  Ministry of Finance for citizens to make input into the preparation of the  2018  budget which is  expected  to  be read  in November  this  year.

It acknowledged that there had been an increase in budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in the 2017 budget and is hopeful for greater increase in the 2018 budget.

Ghana needs to priorities specific areas in the agricultural sector including investing in sustainable agriculture and Agro ecology, inclusion of nutrition sensitive crops as well as focusing on Post-harvest loss management. These for them, would impact positively on the lives of small holder farmers.

Even as it congratulates government for rolling out some policies such as the ‘Planting for Food and Jobs’, the farmers bemoan that over the past three years Government efforts have been  fragmented especially in investment in climate smart agriculture, which have not yielded the desired results due to the limited resources and the piecemeal approach of various climate change project implementation.

Furthermore, in the operationalization of the National Climate Change Policy and other related projects, little has been done by government in building the resilience of small holder farmers, protecting and sustaining the environment, protecting biodiversity and improving the livelihoods of small holder farmers especially women and vulnerable groups.

Public Agenda supports the concerns of the Peasant Farmers Association. We believe their observations are significant because it brings out the deficiencies in some our policies and suggest directions that ultimately inure to the benefit of us all.

Time to heed to the call of our famers  is now!



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