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$200,000 water treatment plant inaugurated at Anwia, Teleku-Bokazo

A $200,000 water treatment plant has been inaugurated for the Anwia and Teleku-Bokazo communities in the Western Region.

The plant produces 144,000 litres of water per day.

The project, which was funded from the Anwia-Teleku-Bokazo Trust Fund, will provide potable water for more than 5,000 residents of the two communities.

Individuals and corporate customers can also extend pipelines from the plant to their homes and institutions, while water kiosks have been provided to serve those who cannot afford.


At a handover ceremony last Saturday, a trustee of the fund, Mr Mike Ezan, explained that the project was to provide the communities with sufficient and safe water.

“There is enormous need for infrastructure investment in both communities for the people to fully exploit their potential.

It is the vision of the trust to also provide infrastructure, quality education and a clean environment,” he said.


The Board Chairman of the trust, Mr Mark Addo, said the fund was set up as a result of mining activities by Adamus Resources in the area.

The Chief of Anwia, Nana Simale Kpanyinli VI, gave an assurance that the facility would be well managed to ensure value for money.

For his part, the Chief of Teleku-Bokazo, Nana Afful Kwaw II, said the sustainability plan embedded in the design of the facility would duly be followed.


Source: Graphic.com.gh


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