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Women in Philanthropy Ghana chapter celebrates International Day of the Girl Child

Women in Philanthropy-Ghana (WiP-Ghana), a trailblazing organization dedicated to advancing the rights and well-being of women and girls, has voiced its commitment to fostering awareness about the imperative movement to invest in girls across Ghana.

Their landmark event, titled “Building a Strong Movement in Ghana to Support Investment in Girls’ Rights, Leadership, and Well-Being,” seeks to catalyze transformative change in the lives of girls throughout the nation.

Investing in girls is a multifaceted and paramount undertaking that has far-reaching implications for individual empowerment, community development, and societal progress. As such, it necessitates a comprehensive and holistic approach that spans various domains of life.

From ensuring quality education and access to healthcare, safeguarding against discrimination and violence, to providing mentorship, and training, and advocating for vital policy and legal reforms, Women in Philanthropy is at the forefront of initiatives that are empowering women and girls across Ghana.

Philanthropy investment offers a vast opportunity for girls to reach their full potential through education and leadership development.

In the words of Kwegyir Aggrey, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual; but if you educate a woman, you educate a family (nation).” Hence, ensuring girls have unfettered access to quality education remains a paramount principle. Despite significant progress over recent years, there remain underserved communities in Ghana, awaiting their chance for a brighter future.

Women and girls are actively engaged in community-level initiatives, but their voices, agency, and participation are often under-supported, under-resourced, under-valued, and under-recognized. “Women and girls can lead us to a fairer future…let us amplify girls’ voices and recommit to working together to build a world where every girl can lead and thrive,” as articulated by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

Hence, Ghana requires a dynamic women’s movement committed to amplifying the voices of women and girls and mobilizing resources for empowering them. The vision is clear: to create a world where women and girls can flourish, attain their full potential, and become a source of positive transformation for their families and communities.

By investing in girls’ rights, leadership, and well-being, Women in Philanthropy-Ghana is, at its core, investing in a brighter and more equitable future for all. This commitment is the essence of what Women in Philanthropy-Ghana stands for.

This year’s celebration is laser-focused on galvanizing partners and allies to collaborate in constructing a robust women’s philanthropy ecosystem in Ghana, ensuring that the vision of empowering women and girls reaches every corner of the nation.

As Women in Philanthropy-Ghana continues to champion this cause, the reverberations of their dedication promise to be felt throughout the nation and the world.


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