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Vodafone Ghana introduces 4G on March 19

Vodafone Ghana will on Monday 19 launch its 4G network service across major cities in Ghana.

This is to help give superior internet service to Vodafone customers across Ghana.

At a pre-launch media briefing in Accra on Tuesday, the Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba, said the technical team of the company have been able to fast track the process for an early launch of the 4G service instead of later in the year 2019.

She said the company has got more than 200 cell sites across the country to enable its customers to have access to the 4G service.

A cell site refers to the antenna equipment and ground equipment that is used to transmit cell phone signals to and from the mobile phone back to the receiver.

Ms Cuba said 4G internet service has become a necessity in the current dispensation, saying “4G at this stage in 2019 is a necessity in any country. It will give our customers superior experience and that is what we are focusing on.”

She noted that the introduction of the 4G service forms part of Vodafone-Ghana’s drive to ensure that its customers have better internet services.

She explained that currently, a little over one million smartphones in Ghana are 4G enabled and added that many of the phones in Ghana were 3G enabled.

Ms Cuba explained that 5G internet service “is commercially not ready” in Ghana and many parts of the world, pointing out that cities where 5G services were available were being used for special applications.

“It will take us some time to migrate all the phones in Ghana onto 4G network,” Ms Cuba said, explaining that the new Vodafone-Ghana’s 4G internet service will give its subscribers better download speed.

She said although she will be leaving Ghana April 1, 2019 to South Africa, her absence will not affect the operations of Vodafone-Ghana.

Touching on the impacts the 4G service will have on the company, Ms Cuba said the service will help the company to expand its customer base, saying the company has the second largest subscriber base after MTN.

Explaining why Vodafone Ghana was not listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange, she said listing of the company was the prerogative of its shareholders and not management.

According to her, if the shareholders of the company agreed that it has to listed on the Stock Exchange, management will do so.

She explained that the role of management of the company was to make the company more profitable and sustainable.


Source: Graphic.com.gh


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