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The Ghanaian mind must be activated to turn the nation’s fortunes around

One of the purposes for which God created man was to have him function as His development partner on this earth, the very reason why He created man in His own image and likeness.

God is a visionary, imaginative, an awesome creator and innovator, a strategic thinker, long term planner, an efficient organiser, accurate implementer and a brilliant Achiever.

All these complete attributes, necessary for the comprehensive integrated transformation of the seed earth and humanity, He invested in man, including the Ghanaian, who is no lesser than any other race in the world.

The initiating asset God placed in us to play the big transformation game through the first man Adam, the blue print for development, was “THE MIND”, and commanded him to take dominion of the earth and develop it. God is the epitome of blessing, thus everything that comes out of Him including His highly cherished investment of our human faculties to engage our revolutionary transformation and global competitiveness, is blessed.

This is why the prime purpose for any citizen of this earth including the Ghanaian, is to be a blessing to family, community and nation, an asset, not a liability, an addition, not a subtraction of the whole some and collective. God would never have commanded Adam to do something He had neither equipped him for, nor had the capacity to do. The revolutionary imagination, critical thinking capability, fascinating creativity, thorough research, “crazy” innovation, crucial self help, stimulation into double action, smart thinking strategies, scientific discoveries and applications, gargantuan capabilities and human possibilities, effective planning, production of constructive deviants by a revolutionary education system, and admirable mega achievements, are all products of the awesome mind and other human faculties.

Ghana, at this stage of renewal, reinvention, rejuvenation, rapid accelerated transformation, growth and expansion, is faced with a broad array of challenges that require a new mindset, new way of thinking out of the traditional box, a new leadership response, revolutionary strategies, the application of up-to-date scientific knowledge of technology premised on credible independent science and technology research capacity that would help to develop informed policies, constructive collaborative inventive alliances, and take effective implementation action, all outcomes of a rich engaged mind. The nation cannot develop agriculture, ensure food security, and produce a surplus for export without a massive and sustained infusion of revolutionary human thinking in the area of science and technology into agricultural production. The same applies to our desire to industrialise and make serious progress.

Advances in science and technology allow society to mobilize new sources of energy and materials, fight disease, improve and diversify agriculture, develop new products, mega engineering and infrastructure, mobilize and disseminate information, function as a seriously-taken player in the global oil industry, develop and sustain globally competitive industries, transport people and goods with greater speed and safety, and achieve so much more as desired.

However, these revolutionary advances will not come by wishful thinking, all day and night prayer meetings, prophecies, laying on of hands, falling under the power of anointing, charismatic confessions and faith declarations, spiritual laughing, fasting, and visitations to prayer camps alone. They are fruits of the maximized engagement of our God-given human faculties commencing with the mind which God has already blessed, enormous investments in education, science discovery, targeted technological projects and intentional interventions in our national life to get specific results.

With the future survival, sustainability, global competitiveness and prosperity of Ghana dwelling very much on a paradigm shift in the engagement of our minds to forcefully pursue a major transformational change agenda, it is instructive that our national development drive must be characterised and inspired by big imagination, creativity, innovation, broader understanding of development, new knowledge discovery, and big, habitual, critical, up stream, lateral, engineering-structured, and solution-oriented thinking.

The human mind has revolutionized the world through centuries and imagination, revolutionary creative thinking, scientific and technological discovery that enhance humanity, are God’s first command to man.

China, which was once like us, is a modern day example of the outcome of stretched imagination and the effective use of well structured human minds trained to think big, strategically and creatively. The nation intentionally changed its game, revolutionised their weak situation that threatened to consume it, and with steely determination, turned their fortunes around in a very big way.

Faith has its place, but it is not a replacement for the effective use of our dynamic human minds to dominate Ghana, Africa, and the wider world. God has endowed each one of us with the ability to be a constructive part of building a great nation.

This endowment of God includes the ability to think deeply and strategically, plan effectively, brilliantly organise, conduct one self in all honesty and with integrity, make intelligent choices, wise decisions and deliver accurate implementation, virtues that depict the image and likeness of God.

Unfortunately in Ghana, we are at HIGH RISK of an over-reliance on the supernatural as against the revolutionary use of our God-given and God-blessed HUMAN FACULTIES to achieve a major turnaround.

God is limitless and so are all human beings created in His image and likeness. Ghanaians are no exception and it is time we rise to play the ODACIOUS transformation game. Wake up Ghana. Yes we can!!! God Bless the rise of The New Ghana

#TheNewGhanaRevolution #BuildingTheNewGhana #TheBestIsYetToCome


By: Nanayaw Berima

Email:[email protected]


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