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SEND Ghana,UNICEF collaborate to give voice to Ghanaians

The constitution of Ghana and other key legislations mandate government to give Ghanaians the
opportunity to participate in governance at the national, regional and district levels.
The 1992 constitution stipulates how the state should engage citizens and how citizens should be
involved in the decision-making process.
That is why section 40 of Act 936, for example, states that: “A district assembly shall enable the
residents and other stakeholders in the district to participate effectively in the activities of the district
assembly and the sub-district structures of the district assembly.”
However, because of lack of resources, government is unable to broaden the scope for citizens to
participate especially in deprived areas of the country.
Mostly, this results in the poor and vulnerable not being able to make their voices heard by government or to influence decisions that impacts their lives both in the short and long run.
Now the 2019 budget statement and economic policy document is at the planning stage and
the process will soon end.
To give citizens the opportunity to participate in the planning process, SEND Ghana in partnership
with UNICEF is organizing a town hall meeting in Accra on the Wednesday, 26th September 2018.
The meeting will bring citizens and key ministries together to interface on the 2019 Budget Statement and Economic Policy document.
Whiles the ministries will be expected to share government’s development intentions and priorities for 2019, citizens will ask questions and make contributions.
Citizens can also watch the event live and make their contributions on Facebook at@sendghanaofficial.
SEND Ghana and UNICEF through similar collaboration in the past have given citizens, especially the
most vulnerable including persons with disabilities, people living with HIV,women and children,the opportunity to make their voices heard.
There is evidence of our inputs from such citizen-government engagements being reflected in subsequent Budgets.
When you voice out, you will be heard!

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