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Pressure on government to implement Renewable Energy Act

A Civil Society Organization, 350 Ghana reducing our Carbon {G-ROC} is demanding the commitment of the government in implementing the Renewable Energy Act and fulfilling its campaign promises on developing the sector.

Speaking at a press briefing in Accra, the group said Ghana is capable of meeting its 10% Renewable Energy contribution to the Energy mix if the necessary governance framework are developed and enforced.

The NPP government in its 2016 manifesto pledged to review the Renewable Energy Act, 2011{Act 832} primarily to attract private sector participation in the production and utilization of Renewable Energy in Ghana.

The group explained that for government to meet its 10% Renewable Energy contribution in Ghana, the Government should provide a time frame for the development of the relevant regulations to enforce the Act.

‘’Government must develop the necessary regulations or legislative instruments in pursuance of the Renewable Energy Act.’’

There should be more education on the provisions of the law targeting especially the Private sector to among others enhance compliance.

According to the group the Energy Commission must be further strengthened in discharging its mandate as the regulatory body .It added that the Renewable Energy Fund must be managed by a different oversight body from the current board to enhance independent management of the fund.

They added that, the monies accrued from the Renewable Energy Fund and its utilization should be made known to the general public or publicized as part of ensuring transparency and accountability.

Section {44} subsection {b} on the sustainability of wood fuel production should be reconsidered due to its effect on the natural ecosystem and biodiversity. Energy Commission is encouraged to focus on other environmentally friendly alternatives through research and development and exploration, taking into account the impacts of climate change.

According to the group, clean energy sources such as solar, biomass and wind are fast becoming the centre of attraction across the world in delivering sustainable energy supply as they are more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.


By: Latifa Carlos


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