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Hon. Derek O.Bekoe, MP for Upper West Akim
Hon. Derek O.Bekoe, MP for Upper West Akim

MP appeals for completion of Adeiso township roads

The Member of Parliament for Upper West Akim Constituency in the Eastern Region, Hon. Derek O. Bekoe is making a passionate appeal to the government to clear the way for the completion of the stalled Adeiso township roads as the residents are suffering from dust.

Hon, Bekoe stressed the need for government to consider the health implication of the stalled project on the people of Adeiso and its environs as the continuous inhalation of dust from the uncompleted road is affecting their health.

The Adeiso township road project was awarded in 2016 as part of the cocoa roads project but was stopped in June 2017 by the current government for review.

Hon. Bekoe told Public Agenda that government ought to give the go ahead for the project to be completed before the rain sets in; and per his estimation, major works like construction of drains, filling, compacting among others have been done and it is only left with the bituminous surfacing.

He noted, “If you look at the time and looking at the township project especially when people within the areas of the roads will be suffering from dust and other things and the need to upgrade facilities in that district capital, I feel that whatever review is being done, it should be given the go ahead to continue.”

He continued that he was worried by the suffering of the residents and thus, as an MP of the area, he had to file a question to the Minister for Roads and Highways which was admitted by the Speaker of Parliament.

According to him, the Minister came to the House on the 9th, February 2018 to respond to his question. He  narrated  that the minister admitted  that the  Adeiso  township road was  one of  the numerous road projects  that were  stopped  by COCOBOD for review but assured that he would make a case for its continuation.

He told Public Agenda, “the minister assured that he was going to make a case for the Adeiso Road to be continued. So we are all praying because I don’t want the case where after the overview, the discharge of the contract will be stopped at this level.

Hon Bekoe commended General Construction, the contractor executing the project for its   impressive work, adding that, “their work rate is impressive. His work is very good and I know people will testify to that. If it hadn’t been the stoppage, I’m sure the project would have been completed by now


By Mohammed Suleman


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