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Paul Adom Otchere
Paul Adom Otchere

Journalists at ‘war’

The looming crisis in the Ghana Journalists Association may not be over soon, as supporters of Joy FM’s Manasseh Azure and the president of Ghana Journalists Association are involved in a spat which some claim can damage the GJA. In the middle of this looming war is Jospong Group of Companies (JGC).

The JGC has vehemently denied all the allegations levelled against the company by Mr.   Manasseh Azure who is questioning the propriety of a USD74, 040 contract awarded to JGC. Joy FM’s investigation implied that the Contract awarded to 5 companies linked to JGC for the supply of waste bins had been ‘inflated’.

In a robust response, the Management of JGC holds the view that the said report and allegations made therein that the company had “inflated the price of the bins” were “misconceived and mischievous”.

The Ghana Journalists Association waded into the dispute and muddied the waters furthers. The GJA, while applauding journalists for their anti-corruption efforts, also admonished them (Journalists) to ensure that their reporting did not damage the integrity of local businesses. The statement advised journalists

to refrain from putting people perceived to be corrupt on trial unless they have been tried by a court of law and found guilty.

This statement from the GJA seems to have riled some leading media personalities who now accuse the Association of siding with corruption and not with those fighting the corruption menace. It awoke

Passions in leading media personalities who have been quoted as saying that the GJA should not have issued the statement at all.

This current jostling between Joy FM journalists who have assumed titles such “ace investigator” and a well-known local company led by an entrepreneur with political connections, if we are to believe public perceptions, will run like a Hollywood movie.










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