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Is NPP Politician involved in Kenya ‘coup plot’?

On Tuesday, the Republic of Kenya will be going to the polls. However, it appears that some forces are hell bent on creating chaos to influence the elections in their favour. Even though Public Agenda cannot authenticate the document below, we are pulsing it as a warning. For us it is even more alarming that a Ghanaian citizen has been mentioned in relation to foreign plots of this nature. We make no judgment. We are publishing what we received as it is.

In the run  up to the 2017 general election in Kenya, billionaire philanthropist George Soros through his Open Societies Foundations is again funding  Kenya opposition National Super Alliance Coalition(NASA) headed by veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga. Mr Soros has teamed up with local wealthy businessman Jimmy Wanjigi in this endeavor. A top conservative commentator in the United States accused the American billionaire donor of helping instigate the post-election violence in Kenya. Mr Soros had interfered in the 2007 Kenyan elections, and funded the Orange Democratic Party by creating complete chaos in Kenya. He has acquired the services of a Ghanaian National Peter Mac Manu, and wired money to the accounts of a foundation run by the opposition leader’s daughter to finance his campaign, setting the stage for a sequence of events that will culminate with elements of a minority group in the military staging a mutiny, and Mr .Odinga rejecting the election results.

How the plan will evolve.

The leader of the opposition Mr Raila Odinga is going to issue false statements claiming senior officers serving the Kenya Defense Forces(KDF) from his ethnic Luo tribe, are being  dismissed from the service. Already, stories in the local and social media doing rounds in Kenya allege a conspiracy by the military to assist President Kenyatta’s government in rigging the elections.

The objective is to whip emotions in the country and subsequently incite senior military officers from the ethnic Luo and other pro-opposition tribes within the KDF.

The Ministry of Defense has issued a statement rejecting allegations that the documents published by the opposition were genuine, and made a clarification that the defense spokesperson did not confirm were genuine.

The psychological operation is supposed to split the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) ethnically. Once divisions in the military have manifested, the senior officers and their troops will then take charge of various commands and subsequently attempt to stage a military coup.

This will be buoyed by an angry Luo community whose members will storm the capital and start chaos. The melee and contentious political mood in the country will engulf the country into a violent storm of bloodshed.

Mr Soros and his foundation have destabilized and overturned governments in several countries before including Ghana.

According to reports, Mr Soros’ institute followed a similar strategy that resulted in a regime change in Yugoslavia in 2000, Georgia in 2003 and Ukraine in 2004.

Compelling evidence indicates that Soros employed a similar strategy in Kenya, but with far more gruesome results.


The opposition party NASA in Kenya has employed the services of a man who was instrumental in the rigging of the 2016 election in Ghana. The individual is a former chairman of the Ghanaian New Patriotic Party (NPP) which was the official opposition until Mr Manu assisted the party to rig the elections last year.

Peter Mac Manu was behind the plot which saw his party in Ghana, New Patriotic Party (NPP) make a declaration of the election results in the November 2016 presidential polls ahead of the official certified results announced by the Ghanaian Electoral Commission.

The NPP plotted to declare its own presidential elections results and trash the electoral commission’s results.

Mr Mac Manu was involved in jamming and hacking of the Ghanaian electoral commission database and official website and the subsequent hijacking of the electoral commission website and database for four and half hours thus compromising the elections results.

The flawed election however did not culminate into violence as it did in Kenya. This individual is in Nairobi to execute a similar plan. Kenyan authorities should expedite his immediate deportation and that of his colleagues and the team working to compromise the August poll in Kenya.

Public Agenda received this from Kenya. We could not verify its authenticity.


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