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Earth tremors show that a big earthquake is coming – Disaster Risk Management expert

A Disaster Risk Management Expert has cautioned that a bigger earthquake may be approaching due to the steady increase of earth tremors across the globe.

Dr Ishmael Norman in an interview on Joy FM’s Thursday revealed that the world experienced over 470 earth tremors on Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

This, he said, indicates that there is a disaster approaching, hence, a rigorous education on how to handle the phenomenon should be implemented to prevent and reduce the damage and mortality should the earthquake occur in Ghana.

“The Science for predicting earthquake has not yet been discovered but these kinds of tremors always turn out to be that an imminent earthquake is coming but as to when and where it will happen, Geologists cannot predict.

“So we have to get ourselves ready. The irrational fear will be there but we must control it, because when you have knowledge about something, you have confidence to deal with it better,” he stated.

He added that, “one of the ways to do that is to prepare your housing such a way that even if there is an earthquake and there is a bit of damage nobody is going to die.

Parts of the Greater Accra, Eastern and Central Regions experienced earth tremors at about 10:40 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

The tremor occurred three times in the space of 10 minutes.

The tremor recorded a magnitude of 4.0 with a 10.0-kilometre depth.

Commenting on this, Dr Norman said, a tremor is a mini-earthquake, therefore. people should not be irrationally frightened by it.

He explained that, occasionally, the earth tectonic plate moves, which results in the trembling some Ghanaians experienced yesterday.

“Just because the earth is moving doesn’t mean the building is going to collapse, that is, If the buildings are built well to withstand earthquake vulnerability,” he stressed.

Source: Myjoyonline


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