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Don’t judge Ghana police with our past; we’re now born again – Dampare

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare has appealed to Ghanaians to dismiss any thought of negative perception they have held against the service.

He says, the citizenry should revise their security notes because the police administration has repositioned itself for the better.

Speaking at an induction ceremony of some newly registered pharmacists in Accra, Dr. Akuffo Dampare, reassured of his outfit’s resolve to regain the trust and respect of the public as officers discharge their duties effectively.

“We are pleading with you, let go of our past and let us be. We understand we lost your trust, we lost your confidence and your respect, but we are going to bring them back. So please, don’t continue to judge us by our past and by extension even insult us because this is the police we all have as a nation”, he said.

The IGP believes gaining the confidence and trust of the public will aid the service in executing its mandate of fighting crime and protecting citizens.

He added that a thorough introspection by the service is now translating into personnel who will uphold disciple, integrity, and accountability in the discharge of their duties.

“We have done several introspections, and we know where the problems are. That is why we can convince ourselves that we are the best institution. So bear with us and encourage us because if you have a child, and you don’t speak good about the child, the child will not turn out to be good. So irrespective of how painful our past historical issues have been, if you want to be biblical, we say we have been born again.”

Dr.  Dampare has been hailed by many within the security space for introducing a number of reforms since his appointment in 2021.

He has been credited for a new security dispensation, professionalism, and citizen-based policing.

Dr. Dampare has introduced some security measures to curb robberies in the country.

The Service has also arrested some influential persons flouting the laws since COP Dampare started acting in his role.

Source: CNR


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