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Death trap: The 72-year-old dilapidated Twenedurase structure serving as classroom

What was constructed several years back, to serve the purpose of a classroom has become a death trap for brilliant students of Twenedurase.

Situated in Kwahu, a community in the Eastern Region, are dilapidated Junior High School classroom blocks posing danger to students and teachers.

Daniel Ofosu Darfour, the Assembly Member of Twenedurase Electoral Area told GhanaWeb, that the building has seen no renovation works since its construction.

The roofing sheets are in shambles, the building is weak; making it inconvenient for teaching and learning.

“We really need urgent help. The sight of the classroom block is heart-breaking,” he told GhanaWeb. “Once there are signals of rains, the students are asked to go home because of fear of collapse of the building. Aside the fear that grips the teachers, there are leakages which make it impossible to have them under the roof during rainy seasons.”

He recalled portions of the classroom block collapsed years ago.

“The students were in the classroom when it collapsed. Fortunately, none died,” he remarked while expressing gratitude to God for sparing the lives of the students.

Headmistress of the school, Franklina Offei, expressed how uncomfortable the situation is. To make matters worse, snakes which have forced her out of her office.

“The roof leaks, snakes have sacked me from the office so I mostly operate from the primary school block. Sometimes, you get to the office and notice a snake has coiled itself in waiting,” she said. “I’m scared so I don’t sit there.”

The menace and the need for swift action to be taken, she said, has been communicated to appropriate authorities on several occasions. To her dismay, no steps have been taken to change the narrative. She told a team of donors and the media that she has had to use her income for some changes she desires to see on the school compound with the support of some residents.

“It’s not encouraging teaching under such conditions,” she said with a devastated tone. “I’ve sent photos and pictures of the building to District Director of Education and the District Chief Executive. They’ve all been here but nothing has been done about the building.”

According to the headmistress, the students are taught ICT but have no computer laboratory. She mentioned that one of the teachers who owns a computer has been making his available for teaching and learning. Since the school has no electricity, the said teacher sends the computer home and charges the battery whenever it is exhausted.

Despite the time bomb which stares at them, the students, she said, have been excelling in their examinations. She touted the schools achievements over the years and expressed optimism of greater heights, should authorities and donors come to their aid.

Source: Ghanaweb


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