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Mr Richard Kojo Ellimah

Calls for incorporation of modern Technology in ASM Sector

The Executive Director of the Center for Social Impact Studies (CESiS), Mr. Richard Kojo Ellimah has called on operators in the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining sector to consider using modern technology to find gold deposits instead of the current try and error method which comes with several environmental challenges contributing to climate change.

 To him, the use of technology such as the commodity monitor machine in the mining sector is the best approach in improving gold recovery rate and sustaining the environment at the same time. This will also eliminate the use of mercury which poses several health threats to the operators, their families, communities and the general environment.

He has therefore called for a massive public education that will lead to a holistic understanding of the threat climate change posesand the need for an integrated response that includes the perspectives and contributions of grassroot communities and minority groups such as those in Artisanal mining.

Contributing to a radio discussion on the Youth Take Lead Action on Climate Change project (Sustainable Development Goal 13) which is under implementation in the Adansi Traditional area Mr. Ellimah admonished stakeholders to assist the miners improve on their operation since the sector creates massive employment for the youth and contributes to the local economy of the  area.

Climate change in Ghana continues to affect every facet of life including water resources, energy supplies, crop production and Ghana is already experiencing increased bad weather conditions with higher incidences and more prolonged periods of flooding rainfall patterns are becoming unpredictable. Despite the current negative impact of climate change on livelihoods, food, water security, ecosystems, infrastructure among others, people still do not incorporate climate action into their daily activities.

Youth Alliance for Development is currently creating awareness on the impact of climate change to the environment in the Adansi Traditional area which is also a hub for gold mining. The project is supported by the Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES-GHANA) and CISU in the Denmark.

By : Tanti Robert Ali


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